About IUIA
About the Program

This cross-border incubation program “IUIA Innovation Landing Program” is a systematic process to help international startups to enter the Chinese Market.


Phase 1: Selection phase

Startup will go through a fast selection process. The applicant will get a final desicion within two weeks.

Cooperation milestone 1: Framework Agreement

Phase 2: Preparatory phase

Before the startup enters China, IUIA will help the startup to polish their business plan and make them more adaptable to the Chinese market.

Cooperation milestone 2:The “IUIA-Landing-Offer”

Phase 3: Set-up phase

The bootcamp and the setting-up of a company in China is the highlight of the program.

Phase 4: Growth phase

Cooperation in this phase is open. IUIA will continue supporting the startup to find cooperation partners, clients and investors in China. Conditions and contracts will be discussed separately.

7Step 7: IUIA will help the startup to find its first clients in China.

8Step 8: IUIA will help the startup with fund raising in China.


Startups can apply anytime they want. But here are some time nodes to notice.

  • Step 1, 2 and 3: These steps are ongoing. But in order to have enough time to prepare attending the boot camp in China, we suggest startups apply as soon as possible.

  • Step 4: The training in Frankfurt before bootcamps will be in July and October. (concrete date will be announced soon) The training in July will be postponed to October if less then 4 startups are selected.

  • Step 5: The bootcamps will be at the end of August and at the end of November, each bootcamp lasts one week. (concrete date will be announced soon) The bootcamp in August will be postponed to November if less then 4 startups are selected

The following deadline has to be considered:

Joining the bootcamp later: If you get a positive selection result in the phase 1, you can join any bootcamp within one year. (For example: You are selected to join the program in April but don’t have time in August, you can join the bootcamp in November.)

The "IUIA-Landing-Offer"

What profit do startups get through the pipeline of IUIA:

1. Free 1 day training in Frankfurt before coming to China

2. Free support by polishing the BP

3. Free bootcamp (one week) in China (For external members, it is not free.)

4. Free support by registering company in China during the bootcamp or later

5. One free desk in one of IUIA’s Innovation centers after the company is registered in China

6. Free support for administrative work after the registration of the company

7. Free tax and legal support for one year

8. Free language support for one year

9. Free networking support with investors and other partners for one year

10. Free exhibition: The rollups of the startups will be presented in all IUIA innovation centers for further contacts.

What are the conditions from IUIA:

Who Can Apply
How to Apply

No application fee.

Please send your application documents in English language to our contact person via Email (see below.)

1) Profiles of the founders (with contact info and a skype ID please.)

2) Pitch deck (max. 20 PPT-Pages) including at least the following relevant elements:

• market valuation of Chinese market

• Fund raised till right now

• How many clients already

• Actual revenue (monthly or/and annually)

• The China component: The Pitch deck has to maintain content that shows how you want to target the Chinese market. It does not have to be very concrete, but has to show the strategic perspective considering Chinese market.

3) A short statement (max 500 words) explaining why you think that your product has potential in the Chinese market

* If you have more materials which can help you to introduce your startup, please also send us (Videos, rollup design, etc.)

* Your application will be treated highly confidentially. If you need an extra confidential agreement for your application documents, please contact us.

Number of free Bootcamper is each time limited to 10 persons!

Please apply as soon as possible if you want to join the next bootcamp!

You can also apply on the F6S platform.Click here and apply.

Apply Now


Dr. Miao Xu (IUIA Managing Partner)

Email: xumiao@theiuia.org

Phone: 0049(0)17661544708


If you have any question, please don‘t hesitate to contact us.

Alumni 2018

Get an Impression of Bootcamp 2018!!

In 2018, IUIA selected one batch of 6 startups and 3 of them have registered their Chinese company successfully during the bootcamp.

Picture 1: visiting company

Picture 2: Business courses

Picture 3: one-to-one client meeting

Picture 4: Pitch

Picture 5: registration of the company within one day

Alumni 2018:

Here is a short Thank-you Letter from one of the program alumni in 2018.